Still Going…

Hello lovely reader.
I’m writing from Dallas, TX on a visit to my sister who lives in the area.
I’ll try to be brief but I wanted y’all to know I’m still alive, still free, and still 100% music man.  I was so ready and rarin’ but I didn’t tie my shoes very well before the marathon and I lost my footing.  I do apologize for the long time no talk.

branchclouds  cloudfall

First and foremost, as referred to in the previous post, Brendan and I did record a new 7 song collection while I was in Seattle which is on it’s way.  I hope you all like it.
It’s being mastered next week and I’ll tell you when I’m ready to put it out.
Gotta tie them shoes first though 😉   …and lorde help me I gotta quit it with these false starts.  If I’m gonna tease you guys anymore, I wanna do it on purpose, not cause I spoke too soon.

I’ve been taking care of a lot of personal stuff too.
Family is important while we have them.  Whether it’s your blood or your chosen family and everything in between.  When I was a younger man I took these things a little for granted.  I have a very small family and each member has had major stuff happen since I last wrote here.  One of the great things about this new chapter of freedom in my life is that I’ve been able to be available to my loved ones when they need me.  I don’t have to worry about keeping my day job so I can pay for the rent on my apartment in another state while I’m gone.  I know that most people can’t do what I’m doing and though I’ve sacrificed a lot to get here, I know I am blessed.  With all the stuff that’s gone on I woulda been screwed.  Either absent for my loved ones or professionally and financially in the toilet.  As schedules for shows get more crowded it will be more of a challenge but still…

personal belongings        tortoise

What else…  This is a big one.  I wanna be open and honest.  I fell in Love and then lost it. Broke my own heart, and probably someone else’s.  The love is there but the relationship is not.  My chest tightens and burns just writing this so I’m gonna leave it at that.  :-(

A few weeks ago I got some much needed solo time camping in the beautiful Santa Cruz area.  Needed to marinate in the coastal beauty.  The moon was out.  The weather was great.  Sunset on the bay brought me to the edge of tears most every night.  I love that area so much.  As a teenager I spent a lot of time around there; great memories.

blue and red       giraffe

Lastly, kind of a random, but I’ll be in Las Vegas soon celebrating with some friends who are renewing their wedding vows.  Congrats to the Nivas!  The group I’ll be hanging with are the same folks I hang with at the Summer Meltdown which I go to every year, and acts as my New Years.  It’s a time to party, release, and reflect on the last 360 days.  Vegas is like the opposite of that natural venue so hanging with these folks there will be a trip.  I’m gonna try my best to treat it like a vacation, unplug from my worries, take a breath, and !freak out! (in a good way).  Then likely a ride up the coast and back to work on the wonderful labors to come.

OK folks….  So much for being brief 😉
Thanks for reading.   Thanks for caring.  Thanks for listening…
I really appreciate you and I look forward to our next hello.
That’s all, for now…

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Bear Hug the Fear – May 2013

Update from the Road:
It’s been a beautiful few weeks into my new life.
I spent a week in Portland, OR.  I chose this town (where I lived from ’99 to ’01) to set up my touring vehicle with all the required organization for good living.  Nothing fancy, I always keep it simple, just clothes and equipment storage, sleep set up, etc.  The weather was absolutely ridiculously beautiful.  The essence of North Western spring.  I grew up in the Peninsula south of San Francisco which has some pretty heavenly weather year round, but the North West owns this season.  I had some really inspiring experiences busking (street performing) which I hadn’t done in a long while, and just a few hours of work paid for most of my food and drink while I was there.  The students at PSU were particularly inspiring, welcoming and appreciative.  I thank you.

I rolled into my home of the last ten years, Seattle, about a week ago.  Came in to see friends and other important people I hadn’t seen while I was away for 6 months, preparing for what I’m in right now.  Thanks to my good friend Ian for holding the rest of my music gear safely at his place for so long.  Invaluable.

On the subject, I want to say that I am so blessed to have so many great supportive people in my life.  I can’t even begin to list you all.  Though I have always been one to have a very, very small group of people who are close in my life, and I often go through long periods where I am very hard to “access”, my years have grown a pool of great people.  I’m really blessed to have all this love around.
Thank you everyone, you know who you are.
Recently, my good friend Brendan Mills-McCabe took time out of his busy schedule to record some demos of new songs with me at his studio.  Brendan has engineered and co-produced both of my previous “official” releases, “Periscope” and “Follow the Feeling“.  I’ve decided to stay in Seattle a few weeks to record our 3rd record together.  I am so lucky and thankful that Brendan is game.  I am really excited to lay these songs down and share them with you all.  They should be an appropriate accompaniment to the solo performing Lars that I’ll be bringing to your town soon.  A return to the roots I love; voice, guitar, and a good song.  More on that later, but no sooner than the right moment.

In addition to recording this record, the other major piece of adventure on my plate is booking the first legs of my indefinite tour.  In bigger cities it’ll likely be small clubs, and in smaller towns, cafes.  Hopefully some nice intimate house shows in there too.  As my longer time fans know, I can play according to the room and I am so looking forward to playing in all these contexts; not to mention for more new faces than ever before in my life.  I’m a little nervous about doing it “right” but I’m gonna Bear Hug the Fear and jump through the awkward hoops to begin.  If you have any particular spots you think I should play let me know, or even better if you know a booker there, let them know about me.  Anywhere in the West Coast states since they’re my current comfort zone.

Anyway.  Thanks for reading.
If you’re not on my email list please sign up.  Some major changes are coming down the pipeline and I want as many people in the loop as possible.  Write me and I’ll put you on it.  I dare you to include your zip code so I can send you specific messages regarding local shows in the future.

…I must say that it’s good to be alive, and if you step up to the plate, answer the call, and are ready to work, the universe may hand you your destiny on a plate.
Questions? Comments. Wanna offer help. Just write me.
Until later,

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One Thing Leads to Another…

Got my bedroom on wheels… a.k.a. cargo van…
12+ Luxurious Years as a non-driver, Living within Walking/Riding distance to Work, have Come and Gone.
Now my job is on the road.
Everything in it’s right place and time… :-)
See you soon…

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Time Moves on Without You… Which is Good…

“Time moves on without me, thank god ’cause I’ll catch up”


Hello Beautiful People!
I’ve been away from the internet as you may have noticed.
Last fall I shed most of the responsibilities of my old life, to put time into my family and set the stage for a full time music career.  No more B.S. folks…  No pain no gain.  It’s about to get really real in my world.  It’s fantastic and scary and HELLA F’IN AWESOME!!!

I will be away for 6 more weeks or so but then my Entertainers Visa on Earth will be valid for a long while.  I’m applying for residency now.  Bless you all who have wondered and/or sent messages of love.  I Miss You and look forward to seeing you at My Shows and other great moments later this year.  Perhaps we can sit under a tree and have a nice conversation.  It’s gonna be a beautiful summer.

Take care and please don’t be discouraged if I can’t say hello/or respond to you online just yet.  I’ll be back soon and I won’t be going away…
P.S. Thanks to my sister for getting me to update and say hello to you all while I’m in town.

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“…Cause I Got Nothin to Lose”

Hey there folks.
It’s been a little while.
I hope you are well.
Hopefully you’ve partaken in the free offer from the WebSet 8 sponsor.

Things in my world have gotten really, earth shaking.  Well more, tectonic shifting than shaking.  During this time, I’ve filmed two WebSets and abandoned both in the video editing stage.  Various reasons, partly deciding I wasn’t satisfied with the performance and partly realizing that the current method of editing etc. was not sustainable.  There are most definitely more coming but I am “reconfiguring” the setup I’m using.  Both sets had brand new songs, the dreamy “Four Leaf Clover” and the heart wrenching, gut spilling release of “Loved and Free”.  There’s lot’s of new material to be revealed, in addition to solo versions of songs from Follow the Feeling and Periscope.  If you don’t know the songs off these SoM studio “albums”, you should check ’em out.

I’m not gonna say too much right now but it looks like I’m finally manifesting a HUGE change I’ve been planning in my life for a long, long time.  Lots of thought, waiting, the natural end of a personal era, and recent events in my family, have all come together to align the stars in favor of a new chapter.  Not to worry, though it will be a few months as the new ways surface, this new chapter gives unprecedented room for the music my friends and I make together.  Though Seattle has gotten the majority of my performances whether with band or solo, you may see me in your undisclosed West Coast town in the New Year.  New things.  Ah so tasty and fresh.

OK.  Just wanted to give a small update.
Gotta go before I spend 4 hours in front of this computer.

Take care and keep up the good work :-)

I thought this song was appropriate right about now…


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I don’t give half a crap whether people smoke or not.
That said, I was out running errands the other day and I saw this…


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WebSet 8 – Sponsored by the Sunset

Well, here we are again.  Thanks for reading!!!  I hope you’ve been well.

Another WebSet is up.  Announcing my first sponsor, the sunset.  I’ve been partaking for so long I decided to get a sponsorship.  Details for the free offer on the vid :-)
This is the first WebSet that I actually kinda like.  The “light show” is slowly getting better.  Hehe.  Seriously though.

As usual WS8 includes a new song, this one’s called “Brother’s Hands”.  A little something about growing up and how perspective always informs truth.

  Also, the first cover song ever played on a WebSet.  When I was an active solo performer I used to cover this song, “Circles”, from Soul Coughing.  They are one of the most important early bands for me.  Mike Doughty (their singer/guitarist) wrote it himself I’m sure.  He left the band a ways back and has since been making great music on his own.  The version I do of “Circles” on WS8 is decent.  I hadn’t played it in so long that after reviewing the video I realized I left out some of the specific parts of my old “arrangement” but whatevs.  Things change…

I must say that although “Circles” is a sweet song, it isn’t really a good indicator of the music they used to make.  Many/most of their songs were not suitable to just voice and guitar.   Other than from Mike Doughty himself, you don’t find many worthwhile, “musical” acoustic Soul Coughing covers. I realize I may be adding to the pile.  For SC fans, especially musician SC fans, there is this guy who freakin’ nails his versions with laser precision.  He plays the guitar and sings the vocal as closely to the original recording as I have ever seen.  Hal Leanord could hire him.  Seems like a good kid, with a strong devotion to music.  Anyway, I strongly urge you to check out Soul Coughing’s music, not your average band.  The ‘ol googler will help with that.

What else…  I’ve spent the last 6 weeks pretty much worthless for anything other than the fundamentals.  Go to work, pay rent, eat, drink, sleep.  Not much else.  Part of it is biology, some is valid challenges life is handing me.  S#*ts real heavy inside right now (“Oh Boo Hoo!!!”)  Other things that fall away in these times include email, Facebook (which I have no desire to be on anyway, I’m not hatin’, I’m just sayin’) and connections with a lot of friends.  I just don’t want to spread the mope around.  Another way of describing this is that I’m currently being a big baby.  Either way, doesn’t really matter.
  I’m just sayin’.
Just the fact that I’ve managed to get this posted is a sign that I’m coming out of hiding… for the moment.

Questions. comments, ideas, jokes..?
Drop me a line at

OK.  Take care…
-Lars/Son of Mars

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WebSet 7…

Number Seven.
Two new songs… one never played in public (Vanilla) and another heard by a very select few (Drunk School).  So far each set has had at least one new song in it.

This set has a bit more “pop” to it.  Recorded in the morning before going to work.
Slowly figuring out the best way to do these in video form, making it best for you guys, and me both.  I really appreciate folks coming along for the learning process.  I do all the work myself…  I have to manage giving y’all good quality in contrast with not being so perfectionist that I share nothing at all with you guys.  I need this outlet.

This set has… wait for it… TWO cameras!!!!!  Whaaaaaattttt????
Just a little…. and a few other little cuts of mysterious locations in the northern hemisphere.

It would have been up on Tuesday but something happened after I was adding some stuff and my computer just started trippin’ when I tried to process it.  With a few days, a little despair management, and internet research, I learned how to trick it out of it’s trouble.
Woo hoo!!!
OK.  Here we go.  I will be visiting my family in California for a bit (Mom had a recent visit to the hospital for a a week) so it may be another 10 days til the next WS.  Anyway… take care folks… see you soon and THANK YOU!!!

Lars de Mars

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WebSet 6 is up… More face time from my apartment

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WebSet 5

I put this up Tuesday…
Not a sound bite…

Next episode Tuesday, 3.27.12
Thank you and take care…

Lars de Mars

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